Cloaking 3D Context Delivery™ – In A Nutshell



Search Engines today are literally drowning in data and complexity of process – they cannot keep up with the inundation of keyword-driven content and the related need for a hierarchical structure for linkage-based algorithms. Most now rely increasingly on on-site context/content relevancy to determine search rankings. And, relevancy is no longer determined by page analysis, as has been the case in the past. Spiders, crawlers, indexers (automated bots) are utilizing increasingly more sophisticated programs to analyze web site relevancy and related rankings.


Shifting Standards:

• Content is being analyzed for linguistic-statistical plausibility.
• Overload of keywords (i.e. more-than-average keyword density) is being penalized as spam.
• Meta tags have lost their relevance except for very rare cases where pages are devoid of indexable body text.


Market Overview

The world’s largest search engines (ok, Google!) long ago switched over to context biased ranking algorithms, dramatically reshaping how web sites are ranked and in turn, found!
Context based rankings pose significant demands on webmasters, designers, and content writers – they strongly resent the idea of making design and layout the slave to search engines’ ever-changing whims. And context biased rankings are at odds with standard web site design criteria, including graphics, aesthetics, usability, layout and philosophy, etc. Many companies will probably not be able to cope, as the complexity of the process is not easily understood, require highly paid (and hard to find) linguistic experts, making the ensuing costs prohibitive.”


Our “responsible” cloaking services will provide you with the spectacular results your business needs by offering the following benefits:

  • Enhancing your Internet presence by supporting your positioning and ranking efforts in major search engines
  • First time ever automatic generation of keyword density optimized phantom or cloaking pages in unprecedented precision
  • State of the art software and solutions to guard your site effectively against code napping and spamming by unethical competitors
  • Position analysis tools to aid you in your search engine SEO efforts
  • World’s most comprehensive database of verified search engine spiders (crawlers)
  • Web site administration tools for easy string conversion, sophisticated log file evaluation and enhanced server based file handling
  • A wide variety of practice based tools to help you facilitate your everyday activities as a webmaster and system administrator, saving you time and money
  • High caliber professional consultation for online businesses focusing on search engine position optimization and aggressive web marketing