Introducing Cloaking 2.0 & Facebook Fanpages, for ultimate Social Media traffic

Social media is changing the landscape in online marketing. Facebook, and the practice of sending viewers to a company’s Facebook fanpage and “not” its website is a massive growing trend.

An online business just cannot afford to ignore Facebook!

On a daily basis Facebook users comment or press the “Like” button more than two billion times. Facebook users post in excess of thirty billion pieces of unique content every month.

How much of it could be about your online product or service?

A staggering 96% of U.S. adults who use social networking sites, are on Facebook.

Facebook reached one trillion page views in June 2011, making it the most-visited web site in the world!

The object is to drive organic traffic to your fanpage and get people to click the “Like” button located at the top of your wall. A person that likes your page is now a fan, which means any content you place on your wall, such as daily specials or special events will show up in their Facebook feed.

When a fan sees something compelling in their feed they are likely to click through to your Facebook fanpage to see what your business is offering.

Driving targeted organic traffic to a Facebook fanpage instead of your website means more time spent with your brand, higher levels of consumer engagement, and a higher probability that a consumer becomes a customer.

With your own fanpage, Facebook makes it possible to spread the word about your brand virally with relatively little effort, thanks to the way it shares information.

Specifically, Facebook posts user actions to the main News Feed which notifies a user’s friends about pages they have become a fan of in addition to other common activities.

In turn, if one user becomes a fan of your page, this exposes your brand to an entirely new set of potential fans. The same goes for any action a fan takes on your page, such as answering a question, posting a link, or commenting; all user-generated actions boost brand awareness exponentially.

Interestingly, the majority of new Fantomaster cloaking campaign requests we now receive are for driving traffic to Facebook fan pages and not just to a client web site.

So, we introduced Cloaking 2.0, our new Fully Managed Social Media Cloaking technology!

Current advanced Cloaking 2.0 is no longer the spammy deceptive practice of the past. Most SEO link building and article distribution practices of today have become the true spam menace for manipulating search results. We no longer condone deceptive or misleading redirects and we only use keywords and content, 100% relevant to the business of our clients.

Our Facebook fanpage cloaking 2.0 campaigns will generate tens of thousands of daily unique “Likes” to your fanpage resulting in an enormous fan base which will grow exponentially with Facebook’s ability to virally create new fans.

The potential exposure of your brand or product in this social media platform is simply explosive.

More importantly, for those who continue to believe the hype and misinformation surrounding current cloaking technology, driving search engine cloaked organic traffic to your Facebook fanpage is not against Facebook’s TOS. So Facebook will not and cannot “ban” your fanpage because Facebook is not in the business of enforcing Google’s TOS.

And, even if they were, they have no idea where the traffic is coming from. It could simply be one of your affiliates driving such traffic, for which you are not accountable.

A professionally built fully managed and customized Facebook fanpage cloaking campaign is the ultimate advanced marketing tool for your brand, product or service.