Online Reputation Management

“It takes 20 years to build a reputation and five minutes to ruin it.”- Warren Buffett

An executive or corporations reputation can be destroyed in a matter of a few minutes online by almost anyone! A disgruntled employee, an unhappy customer, a client or even a competitor.

Review sites work hard on their own SEO to promote their business model in the guise of “protecting the public” but these sites  do little or nothing to validate the accuracy or validity of published comments and thus are subject to abuse, causing permanent reputation damage.

Legal action is costly and mostly infective because of freedom of speech laws and the legal difficulties of identifying the persons behind false, inaccurate or misleading information and complaints.

It is clear that any negative online reputation will cost your company potential new clients, existing clients, hundreds of thousands of dollars and even millions of dollars in lost business.

The objective for a reputation management campaign is to remove negative content from the front pages of Google. In order to remove this content, a reputation management campaign must push the company’s positive related content up high enough in the rankings so that the negative content gets pushed down.

This is done by running multiple aggressive SEO campaigns simultaneously due to the fact that the end result of a reputation management campaign, in order to be successful, may have to be the occupation of all of the top thirty positions (the first three pages) for each keyword that is returning the negative content as a result.

The job becomes more difficult if negative content has been posted on an authority or news website. While sitting in the second spot to news article might be all well and good for an SEO campaign, it’s not an acceptable outcome for a reputation management campaign.

There are plenty of SEO firms and Internet marketing companies offering online reputation management, for executive or corporate clients, as an add-on service. It all sounds great, but how many of these companies really have the aggressive SEO techniques required to make online reputation truly effective?

The fact is, these same SEO businesses clearly state that they only practice white hat SEO, making effective online reputation management almost impossible.

Whilst online reputation management uses similar techniques used in conventional search engine optimization, the goals of the two are strikingly different. SEO is aimed at helping your content and web properties rank higher, while online reputation management efforts are directed at pushing negative comments off the results pages so that they are seen by fewer people, thus creating a more positive results environment for the sponsor of the effort.

At Fantomaster we effectively drive positive results to the top spots in the major search engines through a variety of aggressive techniques which cannot be offered by white hat SEO firms.  We will bury any negative information about you or your company under thousands or even tens of thousands of pages of positive information!

During the reputation management campaign process, online content results will gradually become more balanced while positive results begin to intermix with negative results about your company. Over time all of the negative results will be moved or out ranked by  the positive results.

Depending on the size of your reputation management project, negative results can be pushed all the way off of page 3 or even page 10 and lower, of the affected search results.

Aggressive Reputation Management is meant to put out a fire. However, Reputation Maintenance is meant to prevent a fire.

Reputation Maintenance is about making your reputation a matter of monthly routine focus and immediate action to minimize the risk of any form of negative publicity and client/customer misunderstandings that will cost you much more in lost business and opportunities.

Fantomasters Online Reputation Management Service involves maintaining your company’s positive image over the web and combating negative publicity when it arises. As daunting as it might seem to sift through an endless array of pages associated with your company, managing your reputation online is a key part of maintaining consumer confidence and trust in your brand.

Fantomaster offers both Reputation Maintenance, as the pro-active methodology to maintain and improve online reputation, and Reputation Management which employs the Aggressive Reputation Methodology to overcome the existence of negative posts and complaints by outranking those posts to effectively make those posts virtually invisible by pushing them down to page ten of the major search engines.

With our world renowned “responsible” Cloaking and SEO strategies, Fantomaster is uniquely well positioned to offer the most advanced Online Reputation Management strategies on the market and have the track record to prove it. As a clear leader in Cloaking and Search Engine Marketing, Fantomaster brings expertise to bear in Reputation Management to gain high rankings for targeted search terms to effectively “out-compete” any negative posts and ensure they are never found.

Remember that negative news or bad publicity travels at light speed while positive news takes the scenic route. Negative publicity resulting in bad reputation can destroy your business, undo your hard work and hand over business to your competitors.

Online Reputation Management has become a necessity. Contact us below for the very best Reputation Management Services.


Note: At Fantomaster Inc., we only offer fully managed customized cloaking 2.0 campaign projects for corporate clients. We do NOT offer any other blackhat services of any kind. We also do not practice or condone deceptive or misleading cloaking. We will only cloak client sites or Facebook FanPages within the specific client business niche parameters to ensure that visitors obtain the best targeted and relevant quality search experience.