Cloaking Campaign Costs

No two campaigns are the same as the size of your campaign is determined by the competitiveness of the industry you are in.

Our professionally built “corporate class” cloaking campaigns are designed for established online businesses. Businesses prepared to invest to achieve spectacular results. The cost of our campaigns are based on monthly fees, similar to the monthly fees asked by some of the well-known corporate SEO firms, for on-going monthly on-page and off-page SEO programs. The difference is that they ask such fees for only one web site! We offer our world renowned SEO expertise and success not for one, but for hundreds of sites for the price of one. We not only build your sites but effect the highest level of SEO strategies and renowned service. Imagine what that cost efficiency would do for your monthly PPC spend!

We offer unmatched cost efficiency and ROI for businesses that are serious about a global internet presence. All Shadow Domains™ are housed on our high security and highly “customized” servers with each and every root domain on separate IP’s and seperate C-Blocks.

Campaigns typically vary between 50 to 300 plus root Shadow Domains™ (5,000 to 30,000 total domain sites) again, depending on the competitiveness of your industry.

Each customized campaign undergoes the following construction phases:

* Registration of domain names.

* Creation of sub-domain names.

* Hosting, implementation and construction of root Shadow Domains™.

* Hosting, implementation and construction of sub-domain Shadow Domains™.

* Keyword/search phrases frequency research and evaluation.

* Choice of keywords/search phrases for search engine optimization.

* Number of keywords/search phrases: unlimited. Typically 300,000 plus.

* Inclusion of longtail search phrases (to generate more user specific traffic).

* Linguistic analysis and generation of proprietary customized semantic fields lists.

* Creation of unique content context delivery pages. Typically 10,000 per Shadow Domain™.

* Aggressive monthly ongoing SEO campaigns of all Client’s Shadow Domain™ pages.

* Extensive Web2.0 SEO strategies including creation of 10,000 unique Articles.

* Aggressive SEO/SEM linking and indexing process of all Shadow Domains™.

* Regular search engine traffic analysis (real time online reports).

* Regular link popularity analysis (real time online reports).

* Regular search engine ranking analysis (real time online reports).

* Regular real life search terms analysis (eMail reports, as required).

* Help hotline (phone, Skype, eMail).

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Our services are designed for medium to large businesses, serious about investing in an online marketing campaign which will achieve the desired spectacular results. Our client base is limited if not exclusive. Our policy is not to offer our world class services to the masses but to the select group of global businesses that can demonstrate stability, professionalism and long term online business goals.

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