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10 tips for email marketing

Marketing emails are the bread and butter of a successful online business. Constructing a smart and sustainable email marketing strategy is sure to propel your website forward with great strides. But how do you that?

You’ve probably heard of many businesses that haven’t had much success with this particular strategy. That’s because they haven’t done it the right way – they’ve ignored important aspects or they employed misdirected tactics.

Today, I’ll be telling you about the 10 best tips that will transform your email marketing campaign thoroughly. Ready? Here we go!

1. Keep adding to your subscribers’ list

This one is a no-brainer, really. How do you expect to attract more clients to your website if you aren’t sending emails to enough people? Therefore, you should keep adding potential clients to your subscribers’ list.

The way you do this is simple – insert a signup or newsletter subscription button to increase effectiveness of email marketing for your blog or website. Subscription forms are another great idea that won’t take too much space! 

2. Write personal and snappy emails that readers can empathize with

This means you should add personality to your marketing emails. Don’t just use the same formula for every one of them, adding blocks of text one after another. Be personal, appear human, and your readers will empathize with the email more.

Moreover, you should encourage them to buy your products seamlessly and naturally. Make it sound like you’re the perfect solution to their problems. You should differentiate your products from everything else on the market in the first few lines of your email.

3. Include CTAs in your marketing emails

CTAs stand for calls to action, which are the links and buttons on websites or emails that lead to a certain page. You should add a few of those in your emails, and give a helping hand to your potential customers.

It’s something that will persuade many to access your website. After all, it’s just a click – if they don’t like it, they’ll leave on their own accord. But what if they like it? That’s an interesting question that leads to potential money and traffic to you.

Talking about money, did you know that email marketing has one of the highest ROI’s? You can improve your ROI even more by using a more affordable email marketing tools. There are plenty others than MailChimp, like for instance in this SendinBlue Review

4. Ensure your emails aren’t spam

First and foremost, only send marketing emails to those people that have subscribed to them. This way, you can avoid the CAN-SPAM regulations that many email services provide to their users.

Secondly, make sure your email doesn’t reek of spam on a first glance. Avoid using all caps and too many exclamation marks. Those are a dead give-away that spam content is sure to arrive. And finally, if you are using an email ad server, don’t bombard your users with ads in the email, for fear of looking spammy or annoying them

5. Construct mobile-friendly emails

Did you know that, back in 2014, 66% of emails were opened on mobile phones? Now that technology advanced even more, and phones are more popular than ever, those statistics should have changed.

More and more people use their phones to check their emails. You should take advantage of this opportunity – make your marketing emails mobile-friendly. You’ll thank me later!

6. Let your subscribers unsubscribe easily

This must sound like the ravings of a mad-man, probably. Why would you to something to counter-intuitive? 

Simple – because you want to build trust and promote professionalism. Right? A good way to do this is to allow your clients to easily subscribe from your emails. That’ll show you’re genuinely interested in offering them something valuable to them, and nothing else.

7. Test things out

There’s no better way of making sure your marketing emails look and sound perfect than by testing them. Send it to one of your employees’ email address, and check it out. You might see something you missed before that needs rectifying.

Moreover, test multiple email providers like Gmail and Yahoo to see if any of them include your emails to spam. It’s necessary to respect all the rules and ensure your emails are read by your subscribers without any misconceptions.

8. Don’t flood your subscribers’ inbox with emails

It’s bad for business, and it speaks volumes of your lack of professionalism and disinterest in your clients. If you send out too many emails to your subscribers, they will eventually get sick of it and unsubscribe.

You don’t want that, I assume. Take things slowly and only send quality content that they’ll actually be interested in!

9. Use an efficient and concise writing style

No huge blocks of paragraphs, and no flooding the email with images. Instead, use short, crisp, and concise paragraphs that transmit valuable information. Use bullet points to make the email flow naturally as well.

Your readers should be able to easily find the most relevant points in your email and act on them. Be on point, and never go down the rabbit hole with too much information – you’ll bore them out!

10. Keep track of your email marketing campaign

You need to know how many emails you send, how many don’t end up to their recipients, and when do people read your emails. That’ll give you valuable information to improve your marketing campaign further.

Google Analytics lets you tag individual emails and keep a close eye on their recipients’ actions after arriving on your website. It’s always a good idea to know how your emails impact subscribers, and how you could manipulate that.

Bottom Line

There’s only one conclusion to all this – your email marketing campaign can be improved big time!

Follow the above 10 steps, and I guarantee you’ll notice your traffic surging upward shortly. Your subscribers will be on the edge, waiting for your next email!

Also, keep in mind that any business can use referral marketing software to set up and manage their own referral programs to take their business to the next level.

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