Research published PrivacyAffairs shows a rapid increase in the frequency of state-sponsored cyber attacks and draws severe conclusions on the way the world could be heading from the perspective of geopolitical cyber attacks.

An October 2019 study into cyberwarfare attacks shows a 440% increase in global cyberwarfare attacks between 2009 and 2018, of which 26.3% targeted the USA.



Kanoodle Click Fraud Case Study

By MZ | June 19, 2007

Another click fraud case study, this time focusing on PPC engine → Kanoodle (who are, as an aside, still featuring a “powered by Inktomi” logo on their search results page – don’t get to see that very often anymore): John Cunningham of Hamptons Bride Magazine spills the beans in no uncertain words and offers the traffic stats to prove their point: After …

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Google’s Chrome Browser Calling Home: Blatant Spyware – the Proof

By MZ | May 8, 2007

Google being infamous for its propensity to launch free desktop tools doubling as data mining i.e. spyware gimmicks, we’ve checked and analyzed one aspect of their new Chrome browser’s data streaming behavior in more detail. In conducting these tests we focused on the type of data being sent to Google when you enter something into the Chrome address field. …

Google’s Chrome Browser Calling Home: Blatant Spyware – the Proof Read More »

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